Our Fleet

Here is a selection of just some of the machines we have access to!

VIDEO – LiftComm with ARCC & WIG @ Warwick University

VIDEO – LiftComm in action in London.

VIDEO – LiftComm in action in Exeter.

70t Tadano with vari-base riggers, snuck into a tiny yard!

Liebherr 60t, working in London

MK140 mobile tower crane in London

LiftComm adding 5G antennas halfway up a 40m tower.

LiftComm lifting below, The Shard in mist!

Building a 35m tower in Basildon with 70t crane and 45m picker.


Another day, another rooftop! This time in London.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital. Boom deflection on a 95t Liebherr!


Working whatever the weather! 18m timber-clad monopole in Scotland

Lifting a new-style telecoms grillage onto a rooftop in Bristol

LiftComm’s Bocker doing manbasket work in Carlisle
160t Liebherr lifting 30t Jenbacker engines

Bocker and cherry picker remove antenna flagpole in South London

Bocker installing balconies

Bocker lifting roof trusses

Bocker 46/6000 installing glass in Cardiff.

 Bocker 46/6000 taking down an old water tower.


300t Liebherr with full fly, lifting onto Wharfside Point South rooftop in London


Lifting a 6m stub tower, Sevenoaks

Liebherr 60t with full fly jib in Exeter

Bocker 46/6000 lifting hoop ladder in Wembley

Merlo Roto 40.30 in Colchester

18m lorry loader with fly jib attachment

Demag 100t crane building fly jib on a Liebherr 450t in London

Liebherr 450t crane with 63m luffing fly, in London

6-axle Spierings in London

Lorry loader installing 17m monopole in Exeter

60t long boom crane on trackway in Luton

Bocker 35/3000 with manbasket in BrightonMaruka delivered on low loader

Maruka in Wales

6-axle Spierings in London

Spider crane on top of multi-storey car park in Glasgow

5-axle Spierings in London

Terex 40t city crane

40t city crane in London